About this website

What this site is and what it is not.

The goal of this website is to educate the general public about the revival of Historical European martial arts in contemporary times and assist those who want to learn its traditions in doing so by making information very accessible. Accessibility to us means two things.

  1. Easy to find.
  2. Easy to understand.

This website is not an academic journal or a place intended to provide academic research or studies, although much of the information discussed on this website comes from those kinds of sources, which are typically written for an academic audience and not for the general public. This can make the information elusive to the average person and newcomers, so our goal here is to help that research and information spread further by making it accessible to the general public.

This website is written in an informal style and intended to provide useful information about the practice of Historical European martial arts, with a particular focus on serving the needs of beginners.

When information comes from a third party source it will be mentioned and links to other sites will be created, but not every statement that appears on this website will not possess a citation as some information has been written from memory by the author. We strongly encourage people to read the sources we mention and provide backlinks to in order to gain a deeper understanding of the topics discussed on this website.

Please read our Editorial Policy and our Privacy Policy for further information about this website.



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