Nicoletto Giganti’s The School of the Sword: A New Translation by Aaron Taylor Miedema

Rapier fencing and duelling during the 16th and 17th centuries was dominated by the Italian masters, whose systems of sword fighting became increasingly sophisticated. Breaking away from this trend, Nicoletto Giganti developed something different: a frugal system of fencing that cut to the core of what a swordfight was and how to win it. Giganti’s Scola overò Teatro, or The School of the Sword, became one of the most influential systems of fencing across Europe in the seventeenth century.

In this remarkable new translation by historical fencing instructor and historian Aaron Taylor Miedema, author of Bayonets and Blobsticks, Giganti’s work is presented fresh to the modern reader. Copiously illustrated with redrawings of dozens of Giganti’s original plates, over 60 new photographs, and even a new plate, Giganti’s detailed curriculum is augmented by comprehensive annotation and commentary. Regardless of whether you are a historian, a casual reader with an interest in the sword, or an accomplished swordsman, Nicoletto Giganti’s The School of the Sword is a fascinating guide to the art of rapier fencing.



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