List of Useful HEMA Websites

The following is a list of news websites, organisations, clubs / schools, social groups, forums, YouTube channels and other types of places that are useful for those studying Historical European martial arts.

This is not a complete list of all the websites which are out there. If you know a site you think should be on this list feel free to contact us and tell us about it.


Resource Websites


The most popular resource for detailed information about historical source material and authors.

The Historical Fencer

A news website for HEMA community that also has editorials.

Európai Harcművészetek Iskolája (School of European Martial Arts)

The treatise database for the Európai Harcművészetek Iskolája/
School of European Martial Arts 
contains facsimile versions of numerous source manuscripts.

Journal of Western Martial Art (JWMA)

An electronic peer-review journal focused specifically on Western martial arts, primarily Historical European traditions.

HEMA Ratings

This is a website that attempts to track the results of competitions that take place within the HEMA community. It is worth noting that because HEMA does not yet have organized leagues for tournaments each event has different rules and judging criteria, so this only gives a rough idea of fencer skill level rankings from the tournament scene.

Measure and Weigh

This site provides reviews on HEMA related equipment such as swords, gauntlets, shin guards, fencing jackets, fencing masks, federschwert and other gear.

Sword S.T.E.M.

An information website with essays approaching historical sword fighting with a modern scientific-based engineering approach.

HEMA Advisor

This is another information website with articles providing useful advice for historical fencers.

HEMA Guide

Another website providing resources for beginners to HEMA.


An information and resource website that is rarely updated but contains many useful articles related to historical European martial arts.

Discussion site for historical weapon and armour collectors, much of the information geared toward those involved with the HEMA community.

HEMA Digest

An information website that is rarely updated but has some interesting articles.

HEMA Strong:

This site provides useful fitness tips to the HEMA community.

Pocket Fiore

A mobile app for Fiore treatises.

Acta Periodica Duellatorum (APD)

Publishes scholarly articles contributions pertaining to Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

Women of HEMA

News website focusing on female athletes in the historical European martial arts community.

Blade’s Edge Magazine

A periodical published in 2014. The digital magazine is available for reading online.

Organization Websites

The British Federation for Historical Swordplay

One of the oldest HEMA organizations founded in 1999.

HEMA Ireland

HEMA Ireland is an independent non-profit representative organisation, the function of which is to support it’s members in the study and development of Historical European Martial Arts on the island of Ireland.

The Chivalric Fighting Arts Association

Formed in 2011

The HEMA Alliance

A non-profit organization that provides insurance to affiliated HEMA clubs.

The International Armizare Society

Historical and chivalric European martial arts confraternal association dedicated to the study, preservation, teaching and transmission of the the Art of Arms (l’arte dell’armizare)  of the dei Liberi Tradition.

Association for Historical Fencing (AHF)

An organization created specifically to meet the needs of those who are engaged in the practice, teaching and research of classical and historical fencing.

International Federation for Historical European Martial Arts

An organization formed in 2018 that united several national federations with the intention of becoming an international body representative to the United Nations.

Societas Belgarum Scientiae Nobilis

Belgian HEMA Federation

Historical European Fighting and Fencing Arts Coalition (HEFFAC)

A federation of groups based in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Swiss Federation for Historical European Martial Arts (SFHEMA)

Fédération Française des Arts Martiaux Historiques Européens (FFAMHE)

The French Federation for Historical European Martial Arts website.

Historical Fencing Australia

An organization for promoting HEMA in Australia.


An organization promoting women in Historical European Martial Arts community.

Personal Blog Websites

Devon Boorman

Blog for founder of Academie Duello fencing club based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Keith Farrell

Guy Windsor

Blog for the founder of The School of European Swordsmanship in Helsinki, Finland.

Ken Mondschein

Website blog for HEMA author and translator of many manuscripts.

Michael Chidester Facebook Page

Public page for the Wiktenauer director.


Site for Roland Warzecha’s material related to his reconstruction of Germanic sword and shield fencing.

Book and Sword

Blog for Sean Manning, discussing reconstruction topics.

 Renaissance Fence

Blog by Richard Cullinan about Renaissance Italian Fencing.

The School of Battle

Blog for Hugh Knight.

Living Meyer

Personal musing on treatises.

I Don’t Do Long Sword: HEMA Misfits

Personal blog of Maxime Chouinard.

HEMA Enthusiast

Personal blog of Robert Kay.

Wrathful Peasant

Discussion Websites

Specific Weapon Groups

Scholars of Fiore dei Liberi Facebook Group

Sword and Buckler Swordsmanship Facebook Group

Montante Swordsmanship Facebook Group

HEMA Messer Guild Facebook Group

Napoleonic Era Martial Arts (NEMA)

Military and Classical Sabre Facebook Group

George Silver Society Facebook Group

 HEMA Pugilists Group

Horsy HEMA Group (mounted combat on horseback)

Buy & Sell Groups

HEMA Marketplace (private owner sales) Facebook Group

HEMA Professional Retail Marketplace Facebook Group

Second hand market for HEMA weapons (blunt weapons only)

HEMA Peer Reviews Facebook Group

Illegal Feders, Bad HEMA Mods, and Sketchy Repairs Facebook Group

General Discussion Groups

Unofficial HEMA Discord Group

HEMA Resources Facebook Group

HEMA Council (International Discussion) Facebook Group

Western Martial Arts subreddit

HEMA Alliance Facebook Group

HEMAC – Historical European Martial Arts Coalition

Practical HEMA Facebook Group

Miscellaneous Topic Groups

HEMA Historical Manuals, Pictures and Objects Facebook Group

Sword Pells & Combat Training Dummy Group

HEMA World Domination (group for club owners to share tips and advice for running schools)

HEMA Hacks: Kit Modifications, Tips & Tricks

Illegal Feders, Bad HEMA Mods, and Sketchy Repairs Facebook Group

HEMA No-Gear Fencing

HEMA Alternative-Facts and Wylde Theory

YouTube Channels

Schola Gladiatoria

Channel for a club based in Ealing, West London, Great Britain, founded in 2001 and led by Matt Easton. Regularly updated.

Blood and Iron

Channel for a club based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada led by Lee and Nicole Smith. Regularly updated.

The Exiles

Channel for a group of martial arts clubs in the UK, Ireland and North America, founded in 1992 with a focus primarily on the works of Fiore Dei Liberi. Regularly updated.

Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship

Channel for a club based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA founded by Richard Marsden. Infrequently updated.

New York Historical Fencing Association

Channel for a club based in New York, New York, USA. Infrequently updated.

Akademia Szermierzy

Channel for a club based in Poland. Infrequently updated.

Martin Fabian

Channel for Martin Fabian. Infrequently updated.

Federico Malagutti

Channel for Federico Malagutti. Frequently updated.

Phil Swift

Channel for Phil Swift. Infrequently updated.


Assorted videos featuring reviews, skits and lectures. Infrequently updated.

Roland Warzecha

Assorted videos focusing on Roland Warzecha’s work to reconstruct the martial arts of the early medieval period.

Academy of Historical Fencing

YouTube channel for the Academy of Historical Fencing.

Björn Rüther

YouTube channel for Björn Rüther showcasing German fencing.

Messer Fencing Channel

A channel devoted to messer fencing.


The HEMA-Cast

One of the longest running podcasts about Historical European fencing.

English Swordplay Podcast

Fencing by the Book

Into the HEMAverse

The Swords in Stereo

The Sword Guy Podcast

A podcast created by Guy Windsor.

Schwertgeflüster – Der deutsche

A German language podcast about HEMA


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