Complete Works Fiore Dei Liberi Vol 3: Florius de Arte Luctandi

Freelance Academy Press is proud to present Flowers of Battle, a multi-volume series of lavishly illustrated hardcover books, combining full color facsimiles of the Master’s original manuscripts, professional, annotated translations, and extensive peer-reviewed essays.

Volume III, Florius de Arte Luctandi, presents a translation, transcription and reproduction of chronologically the last, most recently discovered, and visually most lush Flower of Battle manuscript. This posthumous work raises more questions than it answers: for whom was the manuscript created and why? Why was it translated into a complex, humanistic Latin, and from what prior source? Why are there clear nomenclatures and instruction differences between this and the other three manuscripts, and do these changes reflect an evolution in the Master’s thinking, or errors in transmission? Mondschein and Mele tackle these questions and more in a lavishly illustrated introduction that seeks to set the manuscript in context, as an object d’art, as an example of Renaissance patronage, and as a practical martial arts memorial.



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