English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silver

One of the most important teachers of historical swordsmanship, Stephen Hand has delivered what may well be his Magnum Opus, a detailed study in text and photographs of his best form, the swordsmanship of the 16th century English swordmaster, George Silver. In nearly 800 photographs, Mr. Hand explores the depth of Silver’s technique, presenting for the student a clear and concise path to fighting with the single-handed sword. These techniques are from the same period as William Shakespeare, and it is even supposed that Silver had something to do with the staging of swordsmanship in Shakespeare’s plays. So these techniques should have special interest to those involved in swordplay on the stage. Students of fencing history, members of the SCA, LARPS, or students of Renaissance history will also find this first-ever exploration of Silver’s amazingly effective techniques supremely valuable.



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