Instant Cold Packs, 24 pack

  • EXPERIENCE INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Our Medi 55 Instant Cold therapy pack reduces swelling & inflammation & offers instant pain relief for body injuries, sprained ankles, insect bites, minor burns, headaches, fever relief to ease up your pain towards a speedy recovery.
  • EASY ACTIVATION DISPOSABLE COLD PACK: The instant cold ice pack package is the perfect ice pack to always keep handy & ready to use, whenever instant cold therapy is needed. Easily activate it; squeeze, shake – it stays cold for up to 10 minutes!
  • MUST HAVE FOR FIRST AID KITS: No freezer is necessary for the cold pack to become ice cold, so you have the immediate relief for aches & pains. When enjoying outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, sports, aerobics, exercising…you should definitely carry a few of our disposable MEDI 55 Instant Cold Packs together with your other first aid supplies.
  • BULK PACKAGE – ONE SIZE FITS ALL: You receive 24 premium quality ice packs each one measuring the perfect size of 5” x 6”. Easy to keep handy in your bag, take along for travel & trips – have the compact cold packs available to use on any part of your body: such as your knee, elbow, ankle, head, neck, calf hip, hand or foot, wrist & shoulder.


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