Jogo do pau: Training with the Long Sword DVD

Training with the Long Sword – with Luis Preto Starring actress Julia Dordel – scientist Sonia from LIBELLE THE SERIES ( This informative DVD is for swordsmen, actor combatants and martial artists who want to hone their skills in the Long Sword. Advanced beginners, seasoned combatants as well as martial arts instructors will equally benefit from these innovative concepts on training methods, and ultimately find their skill level skyrocket. Learn to choose between different waiting guards, improve your striking distance and parrying skills, develop tactical awareness and, finally, understand how to bridge the gap from traditional training to successful sparring. LUIS PRETO, M.Sc. and expert fight instructor, has taught in 8 nations around the world (Portugal, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, USA, and Canada). Luis has over 20 years experience in fighting and has written numerous books for training in fencing and the martial arts. Luis is a certified Fitness Trainer with ISSA, certified Self Defense Instructor, and was the Technical Coordinator of the Portuguese Jogo do Pau Federation for 6 years. This is what Luis’ students are saying about his training methods: “I am amazed by Luis’ footwork and agility. Luis’ enthusiasm and willingness to share knowledge make him an important representative of European Martial Arts.” Alwin Goethals – Historical Fencing “Luis Preto’s teaching is second to none! His teaching about posture, biomechanics, movement and footwork in combat scenarios is applicable to numerous fields of martial arts. Rarely can you see updated scientific approach mixed with original methods applied in the field of combat.” Pedro Silva – Filipino Martial Arts “Luis Preto’s output is based on educated reasoning tested by martial approach and execution – all of which helped me in significantly improving my skills and perception of combat.” Roman Vucajnk – Historical Fencing “Luis’ great teaching skills can turn any student into a very good fighter in a relatively short amount of time. His constant search for improvement and even perfection makes Luis more than a simple martial artist; it turns him into a great martial scientist.” David Ramalho – Karate Maximize YOUR time. In 26 minutes Luis will give you concise, expert training to defeat your opponents every time.



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