Lessons on the English Longsword

Additional Manuscript 39564, Cottonian Titus A XXV, and Harleian MS 3542 are believed to be the only surviving martial arts texts of medieval England. Written before 1500, these rare texts on the art and lore of the longsword have now been transcribed, translated and boldly interpreted for modern students of the medieval combat arts. In Lessons on the English Longsword, Brandon Heslop and Benjamin Bradak combine dedicated scholarship with years of rigorous training to provide the most complete look yet at the English tradition of the longsword, including:

  • Full transcription and translations of the three texts, insights into training methods in medieval England and a useful lexicon of terms
  • Detailed photographic interpretations of the texts to serve as a visual reference in the study and application of the art of swordsmanship


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