Red Dragon HEMA Light Sparring Fencing Hoodie

Practical and stylish, this light sparring hoodie is an easily worn layer of base protection suitable for HEMA training, drills and light sport combat with non-steel weaponry. Foam pads are integrated into the shoulders, upper arms and forearms and this padding can be removed for washing – or for allowing you to wear the hoodie on its own when not in training. At the collar is a blade catcher and within a velcro-secured internal slot is a plastic throat protection piece at the front of the collar which is backed with foam for impact resistance. Like the rest of the integrated armor pieces, it too can also be removed.

The hoodie is easily donned with a long zipper and button clasps at its top and bottom. Side pockets are also zipped.

Please Note: This light sparring hoodie is not puncture proof and does not have a Newton rating. It is intended for controlled, light sparring and should not be used for full / hard contact sparring or for steel weapon sparring.


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