Red Dragon HEMA Sparring Longsword Federschwert

These are entry level starter practice longswords. Red Dragon has been working on the concept of a fully customisable federschwert for years. This is no easy task but we are almost there! The federschwert will incorporate a range of different pommels, guards, grips and blades – all interchangeable by simply unscrewing the pommel.

The Red Dragon HEMA Concepts Feder has been launched to test how these concepts work on a mass-produced scale. They are manufactured by a military spec. sword manufacturer in Europe and the quality of the blades reflect their expertise in this field. The tempered high carbon steel blades represent a harmonious balance between stiffness and flexibility, perfect for both drilling and sparring. The fattened, square tips are modeled on those of the late 19th-century practice sabres and are much safer and forgiving than rolled tips. (Fatter tips are planned on future models).


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