Red Dragon Padded HEMA Mask Hood Overlay

Red Dragon’s Full HEMA Mask Overlay is an encompassing hood designed to comprehensively upgrade the protection of your sparring and fencing mask by adding an extra layer of protection and reinforcing the back of the head and neck with rigid plastic plates. This hood is constructed from heavy-duty cotton which is well-padded for protection from hits. The throat is protected with a internal and contoured hard plastic plate; additional sturdy plastic plates are fitted into the protection for the back of the head and neck in a segmented pattern which maintains mobility whilst ensuring improved protection.

A set of eight metal ventilation ports allow for increased breathability and heat venting without losing overall protection and durability. A sturdy nylon and velcro band adjusts the fit of this hood and a pair of internal velcro straps help keep this hood fitted onto a mask.

Please Note: HEMA Fencing Mask not included.


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