Steel Mastery 350N HEMA Fencing Pants

Traditionally, any HEMA pants are required to have two features: a decent level of protection and the greatest possible mobility. Steel Mastery adds one more feature – classic historical look.

Considering we produce cool historical clothes, why should the training garment be an exception? That’s how these HEMA fencing pants appeared – light, highly protective, medieval-styled, and absolutely non-restrictive owing to its traditional medieval chausses design. Chausses are attached by leather belts to the belt, which allows performing deep fencing passes as well as any acrobatic stunts while your thighs and legs are being protected. We don’t promise that with these fencing pants/padded thigh protection you’ll win any fight, it’s all up to you. However, going into the battle without pants is clearly a bad idea. So if you need pants anyway, it’s worth choosing the one that protects perfectly.


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