Steel Mastery HEMA 350N Fencing Jacket

HEMA fencing jacket (350N fabric – fencing standard)

This modest but stylish basic padded fighting jacket is a part of the HEMA fencing kit. It has a classic, neutral look and will provide you lightness in motion together with comfort during training.

Its outstanding feature as a proper HEMA jacket is a full overlapping on the breast and neck. It ensures additional protection of torso and throat (due to the double stand-collar)

MAIN FEATURES of padded fencing jacket:
-extremely lasting outer fabric in compliance with 350N standard
-the padding of Hema jacket is made of natural, light, and breathable cotton
-Hema competition jacket fastens with classy traditional leather laces
-the classic cut doesn’t restrict your movements at all
-sleeve cuffs are tightly fixed on wrists with vents and laces
-easy to put on and off by yourself
-the universal cutout is equally comfortable for men and women
-2 layers of padding
-suitable for washer


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