Steel Mastery HEMA Fencing Helmet

HEMA HELMET is a cool and reliable soft armor helmet. It is intended for training in MSF (Modern Sword Fighting), knife, and sticks fighting, however, it is equally good for HEMA. Here is a video showcasing the features of the helmet,

* Helmet’s visor is mask-shaped and is made of 2 mm (12 ga) thick stainless steel. It is protected against piercing, holes are 8 mm (7 ga) in diameter.
* Helmet’s fabric cover protects against piercing.
* Upper and posterior parts of the helmet have inner protection made of the 30 mm (1,18 in) foam, reinforced with plastic.
* Helmet is equipped with integrated neck protection.
* Helmet’s weight is 2.5 kg (5,5 pounds)
* Dome’s upper arch is made of hardened 1.5 mm (14 ga) thick steel (don’t forget – hardened steel requires regular maintenance with oil to avoid rusting!)


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