The Art of Riding on Every Saddle

This book written by D. Duarte, a fifteenth century Portuguese King, embodies in a very unique way the spirit of knighthood.This is a result of D. Duarte’s revolutionary way of approaching this art, by focusing both combat and horse-riding techniques on the person behind these skills.Being a strong believer in the ability to improve one’s character, D. Duarte’s lessons on will power, managing fear and being one with the environment, are as relevant for today’s society, if not even more, as when they were written.Thus, the precise and straight forward way used by D. Duarte to approach these psychological and spiritual topics make this book a valuable adviser for anyone looking to progress from Martial Artist to Instructor and, finally, becoming a Teacher.D. Duarte’s brilliant insights into the Human spirit are now available through this 2nd edition, which includes a NEW CHAPTER on recent research that raises intriguing questions regarding both identity of the portrait usually thought to be D. Henrique, Duarte’s brother, as well as D. Duarte’s own name.



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