Band-Aid Variety Pack, 120 count

  • 120-count bandages included in Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Family Variety Pack contains 5 different types of Band-Aid Brand waterproof, flexible and active bandages in multiple sizes for various first aid and wound care needs
  • Includes 40 Water Block adhesive bandages in two different sizes that are clear in appearance and 100 percent waterproof and stay on even when wet
  • Includes 10 Sport Strip sports bandages, that provides cushioned foam protection and has a water-resistant adhesive, as well as 10 Tough Strips bandages that are extra durable and have superior adhesion to stay on up to 24 hours
  • Includes 40 Flexible Fabric adhesive bandages in four different sizes that provide comfortable protection that stretches and flexes as you move and 20 Disney bandages featuring iconic characters, such as Mickey Mouse that are perfect for kids & toddlers
  • Covered wounds heal faster than if left uncovered. Try these first aid supplies from the #1 doctor recommended bandage brand.


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