EMT Medical Trauma Shears

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE – Cut above the competition in terms of durability, sharpness, and performance. Features a Blunt-tip, ergonomic grips, sharp smooth edge and milled serrated cutting blades. Able to cut through anything except skin. Bent tip and blunted edge make sure cut clothing from injured people quickly and safely. These scissors are carefully designed to meet the high demands of medical and emergency professionals.
  • DESIGN – These emt shears are crafted from stainless steel and impact resistant PE plastic handles in order to last a lifetime. These shears are specially created to stand up to both the rigors of the field conditions and extreme autoclave temperatures in a medical facility. So It will stay sharp, always cut smoothly without becoming dull.
  • VERSATILE – These scissors will cut nearly anything safely and easily. The blades have the Ideal combination of one sharp edge and one milled serrated edge that provides the maximum in cutting performance. Quickly cut through bondage rope, bondage tape gauze, tape, bandages, clothes, car seat belts, jeans, leather, polyester, tourniquet, Israeli bandage and many other tough materials. It can easily be kept inside a small pouch, medical bags, nursing bag and backpack.


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