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it's like a book club but with sword fighting hema tshirt

Building and operating a website like this takes time and money. This site is supported by affiliate programs and while we are surely driving sales of the products showcased on this site, it’s really not enough to cover expenses.

We decided we didn’t really want to put a donation button on the sidebar of every page and instead we’d try to offer value to people who might feel thankful for the work we have done. So we settled on the idea of offering some HEMAR swag for sale.

No one is required to purchase anything, and you should only buy our merch if you think this website is useful to you and you’d like to support what we’re doing.

The first item we have added to our store is a t-shirt with our website logo branding on it.

Show your support for the Historical European Martial Arts Resources website by purchasing this great unisex t-shirt. Everyone will think you are an author of the website! And for all they know, you could be.

All joking aside, our logo design now appears on a wide variety of merchandise in our Redbubble store, ranging from coffee mugs to clocks to bedsheets.

In addition to our logo, we have made two other designs around the idea of HEMA being a kind of book club with sword fighting. This is an inside joke for those of us in the community, since we spend so much time analyzing and reading books so that we can do cool sword fighting moves — not to mention all of the fierce debates between those with differing interpretations of what the books say! Just like a book club! It IS a book club!

This comes in three different designs. Choose whichever you like best.

As with our website logo merchandise, a wide variety of products can be purchased here and here for these designs. Don’t tell us you don’t need a new shower curtains or a bath mat with an obscure HEMA joke on it. We know that you do.

Hopefully you’ll find something you’ll like. If this swag makes any sales, we’ll produce more designs.

If not, there is always this collection of other great HEMA t-shirt designs produced by others we’ve organized in our Great HEMA T-Shirts list.


If you’d like to learn more information about historical fencing practices please check out our Learn HEMA page for a guide to learning about the historical weapon that interests you. You can also find more guides we’ve written about other topics at our Helpful Guides page.

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