Great HEMA T-Shirts for Historical European Martial Arts Fencers

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Are you looking for HEMA themed t-shirts and other apparel that makes for a great gift for the Historical European martial artists in your life or even yourself? It can be tricky to find shirts and clothing that is themed for historical European martial arts swordsmanship and fencing so we’ve put together this list of some of our favorite designs from across multiple designers.

All of these products are affiliate links to vendors, as collected on our store page that includes many other gift ideas. If nothing on this list works for you check out the main store page.

Official HEMA Resources Branded T-Shirts

Firstly we want to let people know we have our own line of HEMA branded t-shirts and the purchase of these shirts helps go toward the operations of this website.

Funny Novelty HEMA T-Shirts

There are many great novelty tee shirts with designs meant for Historical European martial artists, some with common in-jokes to the community. But there are also some general HEMA inspired shirt designs in the following list, too.

Liechtenauer Tradition Themed HEMA T-Shirts

Are you a student of German Liechtenauer Tradition masters such as Hans Talhoffer, Joachim Meyer or Sigmund Ringeck? You’re sure to find these HEMA themed shirts interesting!

Fiore Themed HEMA Shirts

Are you a student of Fiore dei Liberi, Armizare and the Italian school of sword fencing? If so one of these HEMA themed novelty shirts might strike your fancy.

Girl Power Themed HEMA Shirts

Show off your pride as a swordswoman with one of these great t-shirt designs and support the designers who made them.

LGBTQ+ Pride Themed HEMA Shirts

They say swords are for everybody and these HEMA T-shirt designs help prove that.


If you’d like to learn more information about historical fencing practices please check out our Learn HEMA page for a guide to learning about the historical weapon that interests you. You can also find more guides we’ve written about other topics at our Helpful Guides page.

Lastly you can find more gift ideas from our directory of affiliates, on our store page. Click here to view them.

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