How to use a Gladius Sword in HEMA

The Gladius sword is a short double edged sword that is most popularly associated with the ancient Roman Republic and Roman Empire as a weapon used by gladiators and legionaries. […]

How to use a Military Saber Sword in HEMA


A military saber (also spelled as sabre in British English) is a type of single edged, curved blade with a one-handed grip. The blade is characterized as a backsword, because […]

What is a Swordsman?

hema swordsman pose stance

Before the invention of guns and the modern artillery, the proverbial man lived and died by the sword. People used swords to build societies, protect their homes and even display […]

Recommended Historical Swordsmanship Treatises


This is our list of recommended historical swordsmanship and medieval martial arts treatises for those interested in learning medieval sword fighting. These are historical sources of information widely used within […]

What Martial Art did Knights use?

The medieval knight. St. Petersburg. Russia

A question sometimes arises within discussions about medieval European history about what martial art styles knights used and taught to fight with. This seems to be a topic not well […]