The Best Historical European Martial Arts YouTube Channels to Watch


For newcomers it can be challenging to search on YouTube for great Historical European martial arts (HEMA) video channels with lots of information and advice delivered with high quality production values (crisp sound, excellent editing, good pacing and delivery of the information, etc.).

We’ve put together this list of some of the channels we like the most to help point you in the right directions on where to find some of the most popular video channel creators talking about HEMA as well as some newer channels who are investing effort into making terrific instructional videos that are sure to keep your attention as you practice your swordsmanship!

Schola Gladiatoria

This channel is hosted by Matt Easton, a veteran of the Historical European martial arts community who as we mention in our History of the HEMA Movement page has been a historical European martial artist since the 1990s.

Matt Easton is very knowledgeable about a large number of topics with hundreds of videos explaining aspects of history, usage of arms and so forth. He also knows a tremendous amount about the military sabre, a weapon not studied as commonly among the wider HEMA community.

Watch Schola Gladiatoria on YouTube by clicking here

Blood and Iron

This Canadian club with several chapters has been producing videos for many years, having now built up a substantial library of tutorials covering the German Liechtenauer tradition as well as Joachim Meyer’s material.

Their channel is also good for observing footage of free style sparring and live sword play. If you enjoy watching sword fighting this is a great channel to check out!

Watch Blood and Iron YouTube Channel by clicking here.

The Exiles

This YouTube channel belongs to one of the oldest Western European martial arts clubs that has been around for three decades.

The Exiles’ martial arts clubs are based in the UK, Ireland and North America. The club was established in 1992 with a focus primarily on the works of Fiore Dei Liberi. They regularly update their channel with new videos.

Watch The Exiles YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Federico Malagutti

This YouTube channel belongs to Federico Malagutti and is very frequently updated with new videos, often tutorials or videos where Federico muses on various topics related to sword fighting, technique interpretation and history.

Watch Federico Malagutti’s YouTube channel by clicking here.


This YouTube channel has a wide variety of content, related to showcasing HEMA skills to comedy sketches, to critiques about the depiction of sword fighting in popular culture.

Watch KnightSquire YouTube channel by clicking here.

Sword Carolina

This channel belonging to the Sword Carolina club features a variety of demonstrations of sword plays and tutorials, along with some short lectures.

Watch Sword Carolina’s YouTube channel by clicking here.

Sword School

This channel belongs to Guy Windsor an author on many books about Italian long sword fencing and Armizare.

Like Matt Easton and the Exiles, Guy Windsor has also been practicing historical European martial arts for many years, as we mention in our History of the Modern HEMA Movement article which you should read to learn more about the major figures and events that shaped the reconstruction of historical western martial arts today.

Click here to watch the Sword School YouTube channel.

Do you know any other great YouTube channels we should include in this article? Let us know in the comment section below!

If you’d like to learn more information about historical fencing practices please check out our Learn HEMA page for a guide to learning about the historical weapon that interests you. You can also find more guides we’ve written about other topics at our Helpful Guides page.

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