List of Makers of Custom Swords, Armour and Other Historical European Martial Arts Equipment

Senior blacksmith forging the molten metal on the anvil in smithy

Sometimes a mass produced stock item just won’t do. Occasionally people who are very serious about HEMA decide they would like a high end item that is custom made to their specifications. The following is a list of several vendors who can take special orders.

Vendors will be added periodically to this list.

Castille Armory

An Oregon US based company known for producing high-end training weapons for SCA and Historical martial arts combat. Their Economy Line model training weapons are popular. Their website has a form to make custom orders for rapier, long swords, cutlasses, sabres, messers, backswords and even SCA katana a fairly straight forward process.

Visit to browse their inventory.

Cedarlore Forge

David DelaGardelle hand-forges swords in the Northern mythopoetic tradition.


Bladesmith Fabrice Cognot

who produces reproductions of historical swords. Visit

VB Workshop

Founded by Viktor Berbekucz out of Hungary, this forgery specializes in production of training weapons for historical European martial artists as well as for Burhurt (Historical medieval combat battles) and re-enactments.

Visit to place an order.

Darksword Armory

Produces of mid-tier quality museum replicas and some fantasy inspired weaponry.

Visit to view their wares.

Regenyei Armory

Started by Peter Regenyei this Hungarian company has become a popular federschwert manufacturer and also produces high end custom swords.

Visit for the catalog.

Castle Keep

Rob Miller produces a mixture of fantasy and historical themed swords and knives.


Art of Sword Making

A forge owned by Maciej Kopciuch in Poland. Specializing in high end historical reproductions and scabbards.


Lonely Wolf Forge

Wes Beem has been featured as a sword smith on the History Channel television show Forged in Fire: Knife or Death.


Dragon’s Breath Forge

Jamie Lundell and Matthew Parkinson own this forge and have also been featured on the television series Forged in Fire.


Tinker Swords

Michael Tinker is a well known smith who has partnered in the past with Hanwei to produce lines of swords but he also forges custom work.


Peter Johnsson

This swordsmith specializes in museum quality replicas and has provided the measurements for many of Albion’s models.


James G. Elmslie

This weapon smith produces many kinds of historically accurate works.


Yeshua’s Sword

A forge known for the elaborately detailed scabbard work he does.


DBK Custom Swords

Known for beautiful medieval scabbard work that can be made for Albion swords but also produces original swords themselves and does detail work on stock Albion blades, too.


Fable Blades

Swords forged by Brendan Olszowy marketed as ‘heirloom quality’ pieces.

Sword and Stone

Swordsmith Tony Swatton has been featured on the first several seasons of the popular web series. Man at Arms.


Baltimore Knife and Sword Company

A team of swordsmiths that have been featured on Man at Arms: Reforged web series.


Paladin Forge

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada this shop primarily does custom hilting of existing blades produced by other smiths.


Valiant Armory

Known for producing high end swords with matching detailed scabbards.


Gael Fabre

France based smith producing historically based swords.

Macdonald Armouries

Forge owned by Paul Macdonald based in the UK. Produces historical reproduction swords and armour.


Historical Sword Zone

Damien Sulowski produces high end historical swords and takes commissions. Shop is based in Poland.


Pavel Moc Swordmaker

Czechia (Czech Republic) based smith of high end swords, and produces blunts and feders for HEMA usage.


Sulowski Swords

Poland based Mateusz Sulowski produces historically accurate swords and scabbards.



Know anyone you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments or our forums.

If you’d like to learn more information about historical fencing practices please check out our Learn HEMA page for a guide to learning about the historical weapon that interests you. You can also find more guides we’ve written about other topics at our Helpful Guides page. You can also join the conversation at our forums or our Facebook Group community.

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