What are the Best HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) Equipment Stores in Europe?

Medieval gun smith shop. Swords and Armor for sale.

This guide has a list of companies based in the EU (European Union, Europa) and who sell and distribute historical fencing equipment (HEMA, AMHE) and goods across Europe. Some of these sellers will also ship internationally to North & South Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia.

For a list of North American based distributors of HEMA gear please click here to read that guide.

The Knight Shop

Based in North Wales, UK this is a distributor of many products of interest to historical fencers as well as live-action roleplayers and the re-enactment community. They are the distributor for Red Dragon Armour, entry level protective equipment for historical martial artists.

Visit www.theknightshop.co.uk to browse their products.

SPES Historical Fencing Gear

Based in one of the oldest producers of protective equipment specifically for historical European martial artists training with heavier fencing weapons such as long swords and sabres. Their equipment has become standard among the community of HEMA fencers.

Visit www.histfenc.com for the catalog of equipment they manufacture and sell.

Faits d’Armes

Based in France this is a manufacturer and distributor of historical fencing gear.

Visit www.faitsdarmes.com for their catalog.

Black Fencer

Based in Zaragoza, Spain this vendor specializes in the production of high quality synthetic training weapons for the Historical European martial arts community, as well as certain steel weaponry, too.

Visit blackfencer.com/en/ to purchase their products.


A company based in Poland started by Jan Chodkiewicz that specializes in production of federschwert (feders) and other blunted training weapons for HEMA including messers and sabres. They are very popular among historical fencers.

Visit ensifer.carbonmade.com to browse the models available for order.

Regenyei Armory

Started by Peter Regenyei this Hungarian company has become a popular federschwert manufacturer and also produces high end custom swords.

Visit www.regenyei.com for the catalog.

Bellatore Swords

Based in Spain, they produce budget friendly practice rapiers, side swords, and longswords for HEMA training.

Visit https://bellatore.red/ for the catalog.

Aureus Swords

A Poland based company. They specialize in high end federschwert (feders) and training sword blunts.

Visit aureusswords.com to place an order.

Fabri Armorum

This Czechia (Czech Republic) based company produces a wide variety of training weapons for both HEMA and historical armored battles, including side swords, long swords, arming swords, rapiers, sabres and montante (great swords).

Visit www.fabri-armorum.com to browse their catalog of available swords and such.

Kvetun Armoury

A manufacturer of unique training weapons and protective gear based in Russia. They offer a variety of flexibility options for certain blades and produce late period Renaissance and military backswords.

Visit kvetun-armoury.com to see their historical fencing products.

PBT Historical Fencing

This Budapest Hungary company produces specialty protective gear for historical fencing.

Visit pbthistoricalfencing.com to buy their products.


A Poland based manufacturer of training weapons and protective gear, such as their Elegant and Fancy line of jackets.

Visit bloss.pl to browse their wear.

SIGI Forge

Based out of Bratislava, Slovakia this company specializes in historical fencing (HEMA, AMHE) training weapons and are a popular option among the European fencing community.

Visit sigiforge.com to see their collection of products for purchase.


This Czech Republic (Czechia) based company with stores in Prague originally started in 2005 to provide products for the medieval re-enactment community and has expanded its offerings to equipment for full contact fighting sport Historical Medieval Battles (Buhurt or armored combat) and historical European martial artists.

Visit www.wulflund.com to see the catalog.

Leon Paul

Established in 1921 Leon Paul is one of the oldest companies producing specialty fencing gear, primarily for the contemporary (Olympic) sport fencing market but over the past few years they have produced some interesting equipment specifically aimed at the Historical European long sword market. Their models of steel meshed helmets have gone through several iterations, with many previous versions now discontinued as they refine designs and production methods.

Visit www.leonpaul.com to see what they have available. We’ve directly linked to their HEMA & Re-enactment section.

VB Workshop

Founded by Viktor Berbekucz out of Hungary, this forgery specializes in production of training weapons for historical European martial artists as well as for Burhurt (Historical medieval combat battles) and re-enactments.

Visit www.swordsviktor.com to place an order.

Malleus Martialis

Founded by Rodolfo Tanara in 2014 and based in Florence, Italy this forge specializes in producing high-end training weapons for Historical European martial arts in the Italian tradition.

Visit malleusmartialis.com to browse their store.

IN MOTU Historical Fencing

German based store selling a variety of HEMA equipment.

Visit www.inmotu-shop.com to see their catalog.

Danelli Amouries

A maker of custom high end training weapons for HEMA usage. They produce side swords, arming swords, long swords, messers, and some inspired by fantasy works.

Visit www.danelliarmouries.com to see gallery of previous work and place an order.


A Netherlands based company producing high-end indoor trainers.

Visit http://www.mblades.com/


There are other companies not on this list who are smaller but if you feel they should be included you can comment on this article and recommend why we should add them to the list.

If you’d like to learn more information about historical fencing practices please check out our Learn HEMA page for a guide to learning about the historical weapon that interests you. You can also find more guides we’ve written about other topics at our Helpful Guides page.

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